We all have dreams. Dreams that may or may not be achievable. Sometimes, the circumstances don’t support the pursuit and sometimes the sheer probability is the issue. For the lack of a better phrase, not having things our way leads to dissatisfaction and a journey down a rabbit-hole that is hard to leave. And then … Continue reading Pragmatism


Why do you write when nobody is reading?

A question that has plagued mankind since never. Perhaps, people write because they are bored, or because they feel the need for validation or there is an external force which manifests in a way that coerces them into writing, something called deadlines and salary. But then, that shifts the entire focus to the outside and … Continue reading Why do you write when nobody is reading?

My dream is to dream small

I dream of becoming a good writer someday. Ironically, I will judge my quality based on the sales and nothing else. After all, it’s the bestseller that makes the mark. I also dream of opening a restaurant, becoming attractive, saving the world and be a good person to all. Trying to live up to the … Continue reading My dream is to dream small

Free behind a Cowl

The boring bug

Image result for desolate pathMiles he has come,

Light years yet remain,

Filling the aware traveller with disdain.

Standing at the branches,

Is a luxury long gone,

All that is ahead,

Is the blank canvas of mourn.

The reciprocity of life,

The quid pro quo of the world,

And change are the three truths he accepts,

For he is free behind the lies.

The irony has not gone amiss,

Shining on the glaring billboards,

Asking you to be yourself,

With a deft recommendation

of a way to change self.

And yet behind the irony lies reality;

Be yourself if you happy,

Be yourself if you desirable,

Be yourself if you kindle envy.

He looks around and he sees people,

Taking the same route,

Each thinking they went off the beaten track,

Yet striving for the averages of society.

All moving with same hope but different goals,

Till a chasm opens,

Some fall, some stay,

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How to Steal: The Bertram Wooster Method

To anyone familiar with the Wodehouse-verse, Wooster is a well-known name, affectionately or vehemently depends on your personal taste. Nonetheless, it is hard to argue with the fact that he (nearly) always manages to come unscathed from his little (mis)adventures. You would think that he would have better things to do but what are you … Continue reading How to Steal: The Bertram Wooster Method